Over the years in addition to wool fabrics for suits, and to offer key tailor shops a range of product selections Stylbiella has expanded into categories of coat fabrics, shirt fabrics and tie, all 100% made in Italy, in order to give its customer one-stop product offering and best shopping experience. Stylbiella is still one of a few brands in the world to deliver this unique type of shopping experience to its customers. 
Today, Stylbiella begins a new journey, building on its existing expertise and DNA, by positioning itself exclusively in the Su Misura space with a contemporary approach. Our look-books help facilitate customers and end-consumers to better understand sophistication of fashion and interpretation of our products. 
The quintessentially Italian story of Stylbiella continues and thrives. 

Biella AW 17/18 - 5001


Biella AW 17/18 - 5002


Biella AW 17/18 - 5003