Although Gladson Ltd. as it is known today officially began as Gladson of England in 1948, the company has a rich heritage dating back to the late 1930's. It was then that Benjamin Solomon and his four brothers were smoking cigars (in pre Cigar Afficionado days) and selling English fabrics to wholesale manufacturers from several warehouse locations on 4th Avenue in Manhattan.

The company that began life with five brothers in a smoke filled office in the 1930's now has offices in England, Canada, China and India. In addition to the suiting fabrics originally offered 75 years ago, the company now stocks and sells shirting and lining fabrics as well and also offers an haute couture line of women's fabrics that are stocked in Europe. Though English mills remain an important source for Gladson, one cannot deny the huge importance of its Italian connections with many prestigious Italian mills.

Alazar - Signature Suiting Collection


Blasone - ‘The Ultimate Trouser’ Collection


Portofino - Fashion Jacketings for Spring/Summer


Revenge - finely tailored suits, blazers and trousers.